Custom Contract Packaging
Innovative. Versatile. Dependable.


Express Packaging rises above the competition with 9 stand-up bagging options in various sizes and styles, which can include resealable zippers and nitrogen flush—all produced at high-speed rates from 30 to more than 100 bags per minute and filled with the use of augers, volumetric cups or scales.


You could call Express Packaging a "custom job shop," molding its expertise and years of experience to meet the needs of each client and each job. But that doesn't begin to describe our capabilities. Not only do we have the equipment to manufacture and package products in a variety of ways, but we can also relocate machines to do the job elsewhere, hire workers and take over management of a production facility, and take care of accompanying IT needs, to name a few. Our fortes are management and bagging, but we are expert in all of our capabilities. We have a long history of partnering and growing with companies.

1. Contract Packaging (Certified to handle primary and secondary packaging)

• Pouching/Bagging

*Applicable styles can include nitrogen
flush and/or a re-sealable zipper
  • Stand Up
  • Block Bottom
  • Gusseted
  • Pillow

• Bundle wrapping

  • Supported
  • Unsupported
  • Print registered film
  • Clear film

• Flow wrapping

  • Print registered film
  • Clear film

• Blister carding
• Cartoning
• Shrink wrapping
• Kitting
• Hand assembly
• Display assembly
• Inspections
• Label printing
• Automatic labeling
• Blending
• Pick & Pack

• Can Seaming

2. Contract Manufacturing

• Injection molding
• Cooking, batching and pressing dough
• Cutting, forming and spot welding sheet metal

3. Return Center

• DIA – Dealer Inventory Allocation

Express Packaging can act as a distribution center for customers, taking in their extra parts or supplies, evaluating them for viability and resale, and repacking them.

• Primary Repack

We package new parts—from placing in cartons and bags to crating and labeling—on behalf of manufacturers, according to customer specifications. Then we ship the parts to distribution centers to be included in inventories.

• OIE – Ordered In Error

Express Packaging evaluates parts that dealers erroneously ordered. If we determine the parts are viable and resellable, we repackage them and return them to the distribution network for dealer credit.

• Special Projects

Express Packaging handles highly confidential and time-sensitive materials for special projects, pro-totypes, and testing environments. Dedicated account and production managers handle all facets of parts and distribution, and they inventory all packaging supplies and parts.

4. Site Management

• Express Packaging’s ability to take over a plant is supersonic. We can hire trained and qualified workers and take over management of existing operations—without interrupting service to customers.