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High Standards

At Express Packaging, each employee has a responsibility to maintain food safety and quality regulations. Many of our standards are even more stringent than those required by the government.

Food Safety and Quality Assurance


Certification: AIB and SQF Level 3

Our Newcomerstown Facility was certified for SQF Level 3 in 2012 building on its success of SQF Level 2 certification in 2011. All Express Packaging Incorporated facilities have been AIB certified since 2007.

Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Express Packaging Incorporated has developed rigorous food-safety practices in all of our facilities and manufacturing processes. One example is through our operating and sanitation programs where we ensure maximum protection against foodborne pathogens and allergens.


Our concern for food safety doesn't end when our product reaches the store shelf or the consumer's pantry. We maintain complete traceability and retain sampling practices as stated in the GFSI Guidelines.

How Quality Is Assured

Express Packaging Incorporated manufacturing plant personnel are responsible for assuring that the company's and our customer quality standards are met. Extensive use of total quality methods by Express Packaging Incorporated and many of its suppliers contributes greatly to meeting these high standards.


Processing and packaging operations are continually checked to assure the stringent requirements of regulatory, customer and company are consistent and maintained.


Many of Express Packaging Incorporated's standards are even more stringent than those required by the government. Our Director of Quality Assurance and Food Safety regularly visit our plants to assure that proper quality, sanitation and regulatory programs are being followed and that the finished products they supply meet Express Packaging Incorporated's rigid specifications.


Numerous techniques are used at Express Packaging Incorporated to continually assess the reliability of its quality systems. Since Express Packaging Incorporated feels strongly that quality must be an essential part of its products, each employee has a responsibility for maintaining quality.